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Eaton touts success of its low-cost EverTough aftermarket clutch Eaton says its value line of EverTough aftermarket clutches has seen significant adoption since its introduction a year ago.

"We’ve seen a healthy adoption by of our targeted end markets since the introduction of the EverTough by Eaton line,” said Catherine Auckland, director of aftermarket for Eaton’s truck business. “We attribute a portion of this achievement to filling a customer want for a genuine Eaton-quality clutch that offers a little less in terms of features, but at a great value.”
Eaton says the clutch has found a market with customers running older trucks. The product was launched to meet the needs of customers looking for a cost-effective clutch for the third and fourth replacement.

"We know truck manufacturers and fleets value genuine Eaton clutches from a production – or new truck - perspective,” said Auckland. “And many fleets continue to stay with Eaton clutches as they enter their replacement cycles. However, we noticed a point within the truck lifecycle where a segment of the market is willing to sacrifice some of the dampening features and performance of the clutch for a lower price point.”


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