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XCMG Contributed to Power Plant Construction in Bangladesh

Date:2021-08-31 Author:Grace

August 31, 2021, Bangladesh, In recent years, Bangladesh has developed rapidly, however, the urgent need for electricity severely restricted economic and social development.
As an introduced national project, Matarbari coal-fired power plant is of strategic significance, which, after construction completion, will largely relieve power supply and promote Bangladesh steel industry development and industrial park construction.

To ensure the smooth construction, XCMG drew up optimized pouring plan aimed at heavy workload and long-time construction. At the same time, XCMG overseas service engineers rushed to the frontline to give systematic and professional training.
Relying on strong technological strength and strict quality requirements, multiple XCMG V7 series pumpers finished the pouring successfully and showed its excellent performance again.

Insisting on the international strategy, XCMG will continue to innovate technology, provide global customers with higher-quality products and services and make more contributions to world infrastructure construction!

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