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Istana Hand over the First Ambulances to Jilin

On June 18th, 2013, leaders of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle handed over the golden key to leaders of Jilin Health Department, by which Maxus completed its successful handover of first 50 Istana ambulances to Jilin Health Department leaving 150 ambulances of the order. For enhancing the establishing of rural medical aid system, Jilin Health Department purchased 200 professional medical ambulances at one time from Maxus , which can act as an approval that professional quality of Istana ambulances in the whole Northeast of China earned acclaims and support. In the handover ceremony, leaders of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle said that, “Professional Istana ambulances have been approved widely. In 120 emergency system of Changchun--the capital of Jilin, over 80% are Istana ambulances. Many-year application in Changchun shows that professional quality of Istana can stand permanent test of time and markets.”


Istana Hand over the First Ambulances to Jilin

At the beginning of 2013, to make up rural medical ambulance gap further and serve local people better, Jilin government made rural medical aid system into livelihoods, holding an open bidding to the whole society with an attempt to purchase ambulances in large volumes. Istana, a brand of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle, was with great expectations of Jilin Health Department, which stood out and won the bidding of 200 ambulances. 50 ambulances were handed over for this time. As the representative of domestic medical vehicles with high quality, Istana ambulances have already become medical designated vehicles in many provinces and cities of China by virtue of its high quality together with professional performance.


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