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RELY H5 Ambulance Wins a New Order At the beginning of June, 2013, Chery signed a big contract with the emergency center of Wuhu, Anhui regarding RELY H5 ambulanceS. According to statistics, Chery have won many orders for its RELY H series ambulances both at home like Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Ningxia, and abroad such as Brazil and Iran. The purchase quantity is more than 300, involving RELY H3 and H5. 

Wuhu emergency center purchased are H5 large ward-type ambulances. In consideration of medical care personnel’s first aid treatment and guidance, H5 ambulance, meeting the demands for first aid (such as stretcher, medical instrument cupboard, oxygen bottle, vehicle-mounted emergency equipment, etc), takes full advantage of inner space to ensure the riding comfort and space for rescue.

It is learnt that RELY H business vehicle, as an important product of Chery, uses the most advanced structure—high-intensity mental closed unitary construction body, equipped with constant-temperature air-condition, air purification system, NVH noise reduction and mute technology, as comfortable as a limousine.

A person in charge of RELY H series product says that Chery has been focusing on product quality and hopes to give consumers high-level experience once products are delivered. The big order from Wuhu emergency center proves the quality of RELY H products.


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