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Dongfeng Engine Plant Relocating In June 25th, 2013, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Engine Plant ushered the relocation of its 4H assembly line. Multiple of forklifts full of professional equipments were busy in the workshop, where auto trucks went out of workshops in turn. The only destination is new commercial vehicle powertrain plant located in Auto Industrial Zone of Shiyan Western New Industrial District.

Relocation of EQ4H engine assembly line is one of the extension processes of new powertrain plant, which would realize mixed-model production of 4H and X7 engines, and capacity of 60,000 (30,000 respectively )after relocation. Manager of this plant told us that mixed-model change of assembly lines of two products not only saved investment and improved manufacturing efficiency, but also provided enough storage space for the following capacity improvement of 100,000.

It is learned from Zhou Wenqiang, principle of relocation as well as section chief of Technology Section, that the project team made two manufacturing preparations to prevent 4H engine manufacturing from bad influences of relocation. The two preparations are continuing 4H engine manufacturing on the dCi11 assembly line and simultaneously proceeding removal and assembly of 4H assembly line. Because this line is including manufacturing, quality, equipment and electricity with short time of relocation and highly difficulty of technology, both technology department of engine plant and special equipment plant made good and enough preparations. Lots of people ensured that all this relocation and installation and debugging can be completed in a month.

In the new powertrain plant, we saw the new workshop to be full of equipments was twice the size of the old workshop. Part of the equipments already in the new plant has been sealed off, located in the pointed place. All the staffs in the plant were doing various works in a hurry.

Ye Hui, deputy director of the workshop said that this relocation had started since June 24th, to be completed in the middle of July. Additionally, installation and debugging, and employee training would be finished in the end of August, and it would go into operation officially in September. After the relocation, reassembly of assembly line would be done, which includes over 40 equipments of 4H and X7 mixed-model assembly in the length of 150 meters. By relocation and technology revolution, a large number of changes would take place in the new production line, in which rearranged layout would be more compact, unilateral assembly would replace bilateral assembly, and logistics of manufactured components and semi-assembly would be auto chains instead of original forklifts. Furthermore, staff efficiency would increase 30%, and information system and anti-mistake technology would be upgraded completely. Meanwhile, by virtue of the relocation of engine plant, technology improvement, innovation and competitiveness of the plant would be greatly enhanced.


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