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XCMG Wrecker First Appears in Russia on CTT Exhibition, responding to Russian market demanding, XCMG Truck-Mounted Crane Co., Ltd made an independent R&D of trailer-crane-separated wrecker tops equipped with 6t or 7t chassis, which was of the minimum tonnage. In this month, after completing vehicle integration of wrecker equipment, it will begin its debut on CTT exhibition of Russia, which is the prologue for XCMG wreckers to enter Russian market.


XCMG Wrecker

Equipped with trailer-crane-separated settings, it will lift at the weight of 3t to 3.65t. The landing legs of the front and the back are respectively in shape of H and A. Suspension arms of it are in three sections and in hexagon. Two corbels are multi-degree-of-freedom and can be winding, which help it achieve omnidirectional rotation. Owing to both manual and wireless operation, the operation efficiency and reliability of it becomes better. Simultaneously, Since moveable pulley, forkedbed, outriggers, tire bracket and auxiliary wheels are set in this equipment, it can meet the demanding of Russian market by virtue of cleaning and obstacle removing of cars and light trucks.


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