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Shentong Express Signs Cooperation Agreement with SAIC July of 2013, urban express vehicle cooperation agreement signing ceremony of SAIC was held in Shanghai, in which Jiang Ping, deputy mayor of Shanghai, Huang Rong, the deputy director of Shanghai Construction Transport Party Committee as well as director of Construction Transport Committee, Li Huide, director of Shanghai Post Management Administration, Liu Xianmin, deputy director of Shanghai Post Management Administration, and Chen Hong, president of SAIC were present. Furthermore, Xiong Dahai, deputy president of Shentong Express, attended this ceremony.

This agreement provides a stable basis for building an high-end international metropolis out of Shanghai and building a good express delivery environment. Xiong Dahai, on behalf of Shentong Express signed the contract with SAIC. He said that express delivery should choose the real environmental friendly, reliable and efficient products of low consumption. Shentong Express is willing to strive for good image and environment of Shanghai.

It is learned that portfolio of express enterprises at national scale is 5.7 billion pieces in 2012, of which revenue is over 100 billion Yuan. Its highest daily portfolio is over 30 million pieces, ranked as the second around the world. Recently, Shanghai Municipal government pays much attention to express development with continuous promoting policy and regulations. In the first half of 2013, accumulative portfolio of express enterprises above the level of Shanghai city is over 400 million pieces and its revenue is over 11 billion Yuan. Economic benefit of express headquarter becomes more obvious. Thus, express has become a basic service of people’s daily life.


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