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220t Heavy-duty Mining Multiaxial Dump Truck Delivered Recently, CASIC self-developed 220t heavy-duty fuel-saving mining multiaxial dump trucks by the 4th institution of the group are successfully delivered, which breaks the long-term dependence on foreign importing heavy-duty dump trucks of huge tonnages and stands for the world-class level of our domestic transportation equipment manufacturing technology in large surface mine.. Thus, it becomes one of the several international enterprises which can manufacture such heavy-duty dump trucks for mining.

Heavy-duty dump truck of width and large tonnages is the major trend of future mining vehicle development but a weakness for our domestic construction machinery market. Therefore, heavy-duty equipment design center and aerospace heavy-duty mining equipment company were established, which focused on R&D, manufacturing, and operation of heavy-duty equipment. Furthermore, mining machinery and high-end equipments include mining sprinkler, wheel loader, hydraulic excavator, electric shovel, and trackless auxiliary vehicle with rubber-tire. Continuous improvement of heavy-duty dump truck of large tonnages in weight can reduce the density of operating vehicles efficiently. And labor and management cost will be reduced too. Most of this kind of vehicle is used in the mining hub.

At the end of 2012, first 220t mining dump truck of the 4th institution of CASIC passed the four-month trial test, including adaptability test in cold regions, vehicle non-loading function test, vehicle full-loading function test and mining using reliability. All of these tests make a comprehensive test of vehicle structure, performance and quality.

It is learned that to enhance serial development of heavy-duty project equipment, the institution together with famous enterprises at home and abroad launches the corporation project about 363t and 110t mining dump truck of biaxial electric wheels, in which 363t dump truck to be offline at the end of this year is the largest tonnage mining dump truck around the world for now.


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