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XCMG Lift Fire-trucks of Ten Million Yuan Exports to Africa Again Recently, four XCMG lift fire-trucks were exported to one country in the middle of Africa, which together with the first batch of XCMG protected the life and property security of local people.

Despite of the downturn of the market in 2013, fire-fighting products of XCMG continues its increasing market shares in overseas market. By virtue of its excellent performance in various countries including Central Asia, XCMG get a large order of fire-fighting vehicles. As the main product of XCMG fire-fighting products, lift fire-truck is popular among customers due to its mature technology and exquisite craft. In order to more adapt to local geography as well as satisfy demanding of customers, technicians of XCMG did multiple technical improvements of these four fire-trucks in product structure and craft, which in turn improved greatly the power and safety performance of vehicle.

By virtue of excellent product performance and brilliant actual running performance, XCMG fire-fighting products get exported to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia to provide high-quality fire-fighting service to customers around the world.


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