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Eaton Held "Day of Technology in HK" Worldwide leading diversified industrial product manufacturer and supplier Eaton recently held a Day of Eaton Data Solution Technology in Hong Kong, which was with the title of Excellent Kinetic Energy Powers Future. Such an activity was dedicated to lead future energy management design of data center based on the main trend of improving energy benefit of data center.


Alexander M. Cutler, CEO & President of Eaton, addressed for the opening ceremony

Alexander M. Cutler, CEO & President of Eaton, addressed for the opening ceremony and showed his warm welcome to important customers and industry talents of Asia Pacific region. All the present guests discussed positively and passionately about development trend of energy management and significant challenge faced by data center industry. Meanwhile, Eaton showed that how to influence design development of data center by its own success solutions.


Eaton showed that how to influence design development of data center by its own success solutions

Curt Hutchins, president of Asia Pacific Region, Eaton, said, “Hong Kong is a hub of strategic financial service and regional information and communication technology, gathering multiple of powerful worldwide data centers. Therefore, Eaton preferred Hong Kong as the spot holding Day of Technology focusing on data center. Since enterprises set data center as their basic element of strategic information technology assets and corporate success, reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable energy management is becoming more and more pivotal. By this activity, we also hope that all of us can get to know more about how Eaton help enterprises facing present energy management challenges by more efficient and energy-saving green solutions.”

On this activity, Ivo Jurek, president of Asia Pacific Region, Eletrical, and John Collins, Director of Global Data Center, both introduced electrical relative solutions of Eaton and crucial trend influencing future design of data center. Simultaneously, both of them attended a series of technical seminars on that afternoon. The themes are as follows:

Energy advantage architecture
Airflow management solution and application
Pivotal demanding satisfying data center power distribution
Fuse technology and application
Future energy storage of UPS
Full set solutions of cable management

All invited guests and experts as well discussed key ideas and innovations leading present electrical power industrial development, and how data center needs to change to adapt to future business demanding by group.

Curt Hutchins eventually said. “We hope that by discussion and address of guests today all of us can have a preliminary outlook of future data center. Along with Hong Kong as regional data center, Eaton, as a leader of power management, must pay much more attention to how present industrial development trend and energy management innovation can influence future data center.”


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