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Natural Gas Engine Increases 43.72% in the First Half Year According to China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Monthly Report released by CICEIA, internal combustion engine sales volume in the first half is 30.7389 million units, increasing 3.73% year on year. The completed power is 95,025.04 GW increasing 3.06%. The data of CICEIA shows that national internal combustion engine sales volume of June is 5.0907 million units which increases 1.71% compared with the same period of 2012. Compared with 2012, industry market performance increases with stability. With different kinds of combustion engine, all are of increase except hybrid engine and mechanical engine. Natural gas engine is of the bigger increase among all of these combustion engines.

Owing to the appeal of national energy conservation and emission reduction, internal combustion engine enterprises enhance their production and sales of natural gas combustion engine, which makes it increase 43.72% year on year and exceed the average level of the industry. Likewise, both diesel and gasoline engine is of increase. The accumulative sales of diesel and gasoline engine are respectively 4.6302 million units and 2.62828 million units, increasing 5.42% and 11.71%. However, hybrid engine is of a slight decline with a decrease of 2.54%.

Combustion engine market segments show different performance. Marine and garden mechanical combustion engine achieve their sales volume of 26,300 units and 1.8615 million units in the first half, increasing 99.79% and 96.01% respectively. Commercial vehicle combustion engine realizes its accumulative sales volume of 2.0704 million units increasing 10.49% year on year. Year-on-year increase of agricultural, generator and motorcycle engines are respectively 5.74%, 5.08% and 4.35%. Influenced by engineering machinery market contraction, engineering machinery combustion engine is in decline badly, which is shown by the sales volume of 0.3619 million units and 31.66% decrease.


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