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Southeast Asian Market Occupies 90% of XCMG Export Another large order of 8-million Yuan non-highway heavy dump trucks stands for XCMG full power in Southeast Asian market. By now Southeast Asian market has already occupies 90% of XCMG export which is still on rise. Rapid growth in Southeast Asian market clarifies XCMG international strategy.


XCMG Non-highway Heavy Dump Truck

At the beginning of this year, XCMG successfully launched non-highway heavy dump truck in Southeast Asian market. Catering for various and individual demanding of customers in different countries and regional markets, XCMG, according to local market feedback, optimized and perfected maneuverability, economical efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, XCMG enhanced input of service and spare parts within Southeast Asia and sent experienced service staff there for many times to provide technical service and refine value-added service to customers. Driven by whole value-chain, XCMG shows its leading influence in Southeast Asian market by virtue of its good quality and considerate service. Thus, XCMG becomes an independent and influential automobile brand there.


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