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Yuchai Plateau Calibration Team Again Enters Tibetan Plateau As high-temperature calibration test taken in Hainan and Turpan of Xinjiang by Yuchai comes to an end, members doing vehicle calibration in these two places start to go to Golmud of Qinghai and would proceed with plateau calibration test gathering with calibration testers of mobile bench test.

Yuchai is the earliest engine manufacturer within the industry starting calibration project of plateau, high temperature and freezing coldness (3 High Calibration Project in short), which has become the fixed engine test project of Yuchai. Such a project includes mobile bench test and vehicle test, mainly testing operation of engine in poor working conditions of freezing coldness, high temperature and plateau. Furthermore, control optimization over various performance index and parts are included.

Calibrations of high temperature and plateau in 3 High Calibration Project of 2013 have already started in the middle of July except that calibration in coldness only can be at the end of the year. Calibration of 2013 will be testing on nine types mainly about gas engines. It is learned from Li Qinsheng, leader of mobile bench test calibration project in plateau that their bench calibration team has already achieved mobile bench test over 3 types so far. According to the plan, they will proceed with tests of other 6 types in altitudes of 2,900m, 3,500m and 4,500m together with vehicle test team, which is expected to be completed at the beginning of September.

Li Qinsheng said that this project would certify and confirm upgrading condition of former products and improve competiveness of Yuchai gas engines.


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