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Auto Parts Export Increase Over 60% in the First Seven Months It is learned from Hefei Custom that from Jan. to Jul. auto parts export of Anhui Province comes to 290 million USD increasing 62.8% compared with the same period of 2012.

The data shows that in the first seven months export is mainly auto parts, accessories, electric lighting set and wheel parts which is about 110 million USD and 38% of the whole export. What is worth mentioning is that private enterprises among all the auto parts exporting enterprises are of good performance. Their export of auto parts is 180 million USD which takes up 62% in the first seven months of 2013.

According to analysis of Hefei Custom, excellent export performance in the first seven months not only benefits from the good recovery of auto markets in developed countries such as the United States, but also profits from enhancing developing scale of South American and North African markets by independent brands such as Chery. From Jan. to Jul., export to the States, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Nigeria is 110 million USD taking up 38% of the whole. Exports to the latter three countries mentioned above are respectively increasing 150%, 270% and 710%.

Official of Hefei Custom holds the idea that due to slowing down of vehicle sales, and gradual fading of raw material and labor cost, increase space of auto parts export is limited. Meanwhile, owing to the lack of key highly parts technologies, auto parts of our province are mostly low-end and of low added value. Thus, they are easily replaced by the same products of developing countries such as India. Therefore, Custom advises us that we should accelerate merging and reorganization and enhance our industrial concentration. In addition, R & D should be enhanced and core competitiveness of export products should be improved. Trading structure should be transformed to outputs of capital, technology and service from mere product. New-energy auto parts should be accelerated to ecological development.


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