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18 SAIC MAXUS School Buses Delivered to Hengshan Rent SAIC MAXUS recently delivered 18 Guardian Star school buses to Hengshan Rent. Guardian Star school bus takes the lead in passing rolling test and in-vehicle air quality check in our China so far. And it is the special school bus within light bus field possessing national school bus qualification announcement.

It is learned that SAIC MAXUS builds this quality safe school bus based on western standards. Within light school bus field, it makes three Firsts in passing rolling test, in-vehicle air quality check and new generation national school bus qualification.

As for its design, Guardian Star is designed completely according to European automotive standard. The gravitational center lowers its height and its anti-sliding capability is improved. Moreover, both bearing cage body and closing-loop body structure can properly disperse on the whole vehicle to ensure passengers’ safety.

Furthermore, Guardian Star is of popular short-head structure in Europe and longer collision buffer in the front and crumple endergonic zone. Thus, driver and people in the front of the bus can be able to keep collision safe space. ABS+EBD+BAS+TPMS multiple positive safety protection doubles safety performance of Guardian Star with the ensured intelligent anti-theft system.


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