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Mindray Signs a Strategic Agreement with JMCSV for The Monitoring Ambulance According to national the 11th Five-year key issues, annual death of sudden cardiac arrest (hereafter referred to as SCA) is 550,000 in China with less than 1% survival rate out of hospitals. There is an obvious relation between survival rate and time from SCA to defibrillation, which is 10% decrease of survival rate along with 1 minute late of defibrillation. Therefore, if the heart begins to recover after ten minutes of SCA, the survival rate of the patient is nearly 0.

Time is Life. Pre-hospital first aid is the extension of hospital emergency treatment, shouldering the responsibilities of saving life against time. As the means of transport, ambulance has already entered the trend of improving and developing efficient emergency medical application. In Sep. 3rd, Shenzhen Mindray Biological Medical Electronics Cp., Ltd and Jiangling Motor Group Special Vehicle signed a strategic agreement for cooperation and taking advantage of resource complementarity. Thus, they can promote application of new emergency treatment technology and unveil the new decade of monitoring ambulance.

Wu Xiaolin, GM of JMCSV, said, “ The key of emergency service should be providing safe and reliable delivery, striving time for patients and getting efficient medical treatment.” Various ambulances in China cannot satisfy the increasing demanding in quantities and performance. In the future, automobile manufacturers need to cooperate closely with medical equipment companies. So far, JMC ranks among the top of domestic monitoring ambulance market. This strategic cooperation of JMC and Mindray is expected to explore ambulance market much deeper by virtue of emergency equipment technology, quality and service of Mindray and provide much more better ambulances and medical equipment.

Guo Yanmei, GM of Mindray Life Information and Support Dep. Said, “First aid is the key part of ensuring life and improving livelihood. Our country pays more and more attention to emergency treatment system. For now ambulance in China is developing as high-end, professional and information.” The cooperation with JMC includes the whole system from defibrillation monitor to promotion of PHEIS, and provides a completed system of emergency information and medical treatment.

Defibrillation monitor is the major and hot product by Mindray with its biphsic defibrillation technology of proprietary intellectual property rights. Having passed EU ambulance standard and American military vehicular vibration test, this equipment consists of functions as monitor, defibrillation and ECG machine and is easy to operate. PHEIS with information highly integrated covers a series of emergency treatment like pre-hospital first aid, ambulance transfer and medical treatment. Thus, high-end demanding for emergency aid can be satisfied.

In the future, based on the strategic cooperation, both the companies would build a professional operational team and start deep cooperation in technology, marketing, training and service for finding out a new and advanced technology of ambulance. Then, they can provide more professional ambulances of high performance and reliability to the market and contribute to our first aid construction.


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