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SAIC MAXUS School Bus Into Operation Since new semester is around the corner, SAIC MAXUS school buses began to be delivered to famous school like High School Affiliated to Fudan University and operated from Sep. 1st of 2013. With its origin from the U.K, SAIC MAXUS school bus set the most severe western school bus safety standard as its principle. As a result, its school bus is above the quality requirements of China and Shanghai. Thus, SAIC MAXUS is entitled with The Best School Bus in the Shanghai International School Bus Exhibition.

As a light bus brand with national school bus aptitude, SAIC MAXUS not only passes national compulsory test and C-NCAP Four-star standard best for commercial vehicle in collision, but also passes the rollover test leading the industry. Furthermore, Guardian Star school bus uses the environmental friendly green oil paint provided by the leading provider around the world. Meanwhile, no harmful material consists of parts equipped in the school bus and passes the air quality test, which becomes one of the focuses praised by others.


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