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SAIC to Sell MAXUS V80 MPVs in Thailand in 2014 It's said SAIC Group will sell MAXUS light commercial vehicles in Thailand in 2014, including V80 MPVs.

SAIC has established joint venture SAIC Motor-CP Co in Thailand with Charoen Pokphand Group by 51%:49% to produce and sell MG right-hand vehicles.

The first model SAIC plans to export to Thailand shall be MAXUS V80 MPV, which is equipped with 2.5L diesel engine. VAT rate of commercial MPV is relatively lower, i.e. 47%.

Nopadol Chiaravanont said SAIC Motor-CP Co is planning to sell 1000 light commercial vehicles in 2014 and up to 1800 units in two or three years to come.

In 2014, SAIC Motor-CP Co will set up 15-20 distributors in Thailand to sell MAXUS commercial vehicles and MG passenger vehicles.



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