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Weichai Power To Enhance Overseas Market Extension In the Investor Relations Activity Record Chart recently released by Weichai Power, overseas market is a significant part of Three A Third Strategy. As for the future international market strategy, market in the developing countries would be enhanced and overseas market layout of vehicle and engine would be enhanced too. If there is demanding, Weichai would take the opportunity to develop the developed countries.

It is learned that international market strategy would take up a third of Weichai Power whole revenue, which is to be completed in the following five to ten years. In addition, after-sale market of service and relevant manufacturing in China would also take up the rest of the revenue. Weichai Power intends to further their development in the fields of engine, power assembly, engineering machinery, hydraulic and newly increased yacht.

On Oct.10th, Strategy Leads Dream conference was held in the Weichai Asiastar Automobile Industry Zone. In this conference, Weichai Power announced that by the end of 12th 5-year plan, the revenue would come to 180 billion Yuan, which would grow to 300 billion Yuan in the 13th 5-year plan, ranking among the Top 500 of the world.

Within this strategic framework, vehicle and machine make over 60% contributions to the company by business structure adjustment. Inernational market provides over a third of revenue with establishing a basic benefitial market balance. After-sale market takes up over 10% with forming a stable structure across economic circle initially.


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