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Changan Bus Sticks to China School Bus Dream 2013 China (Beijing) International GB School Bus Exhibition was held in Beijing. Compared with the past, school bus exhibitors in this exhibition decreased to four from 24 of last year. People can’t help to ask who would stick to China school bus dream. Changan Bus, the lead of this exhibition, answered this question, which was the major cornerstone of this school bus exhibition. Luo Zhilong, president of Changan Bus, said with determination, “As the popularizer of China school bus, Changan Bus would keep implementing its own mission and responsibility without giving up every single opportunity to promote school bus concept and knowledge. Even though there is only one school bus manufacturer, Changan would remain its school bus root. When in booming, school bus industry would make it even better; when in decline, Changan would stick to this school bus dream.”

On Jul. 31st of 2013, Changan Shentong school bus successfully completed its dynamic rollover test of real driving, which began a historic achievement in domestic school bus security. After tested, any part of Shentong school bus doesn’t intrude survival space based on interior displacement data by real-time measurement. The whole body frame and chassis are not damaged a little after rollover. Components, like engine, remain their regular operation. And the bus can be running on the road as usual. Emergency exit can be used as usual and only tiny cracks exist in the glass.

Cheer for Tomorrow

On Aug.20th of 2013, the 10,000th school bus of Changan Bus went off-line and got delivered to customer, which meant that Changan Bus became the enterprise with the largest domestic school bus inventory. From January to October of 2013, Changan Bus accumulative sales volume is 3,857 units, increasing 60% than last year and ranked as the second of school bus market.

From September of 2006 to August of 2013, Changan has already exported batches of school buses to Middle East for consecutive 5 times. Its exported school buses have been awarded as Annual Best Export Vehicle and Recommendation Bus in Overseas Market. Through years of market performance, Changan school bus has achieved its export sales volume of more than 3,500 units.


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