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Thirty CAMC Mixer Trucks with Hanma Engines Delivered in Shenzhen Recently, thirty CAMC mixer trucks have been delivered to the customers in Shenzhen, equipped with Hanma engines (345 horsepower) and blue Hualing chassis.

Mr.Li, the head of fleet of Antuoshan Concrete Company told the reporter,”We work with CAMC for long time and we purchase these trucks for the accumulated reputation and strength of CAMC. In addition, we learnt that Hanma engines are top engines with world leading technologies, capable of long-term experience of highland, severe cold and high temperature, which are used by many clients in Shenzhen, of good response in the market. Therefore, we select CAMC trucks with Hanma engines. Since the delivery, their service staff came to our company several times, offering training for our drivers, all which quite move us. Through these trucks have not yet been used for the handling of the related procedures, we fill with confidence of these 30 units. ”

Note: CAMC represents Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. and Hanma engines are produced by CAMC.


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