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SHACMAN Gains the Order of Tractors in Batches Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd (Foreign brand: SHACMAN) gains the order of 6×6 tractors in batches, independently developed products, contributing to sales marketing, market trend, and the deep survey and research of the potential customers’ demand.

As for customers’ requirements, Department of Special Vehicles held themed meeting, well-planning, deployment and defining delivery time and venues, also, closely cooperating with other departments such as Trial Production, Technology and Quality. The team learnt the previous assembly experience, precautious beforehand. In term of the special configuration of 6×6 tractors, technicians found the best solutions for the proper fitting in driver’s cabins, available for the assembly of fuel tank, air-filter and oil-cooler, and then supporting the combination with the vehicles, greatly enhancing efficiency.

Assembly of vehicles comes to an end and the debugging proceeds in order by far.


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