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New Shacman Special Vehicles for Muck Transport Delivered in Mianyang 26 July 2014, new Shacman special vehicles for muck transport were grandly delivered in Mianyang, Sichuang, 36 units in total.

These new special vehicles are manufactured by Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd (Foreign brand: SHACMAN), equipped with Weichai engines, Fast transmissions, Hande axels from the glorious China heavy truck industry chain.

Regarding to safety configuration, these trucks are more competitive: ABS+ ASR+ EBL leading brake systems, super wide brake shoes and effective disk breaking systems facilitate active braking under high speed and heavy loading. Highly intensified integral ride bumpers proficiently release the impact force against the crash. New headlamps improve the visibility at night to the maximum. The most feature is Shacman F3000 double guarantee systems for heavy haul and long distance when travelling downhill, WEVB and JACOBS brake systems are unique in China, enabling more 55% up in brake performance, fully demonstrating the extraordinary quality and high safety of Shanman products.


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