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The Delivery Ceremony of Shacman Tractors Held in Tangshan 9 August, Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd (foreign brand: Shacman) held the delivery ceremony of 50 units of M30006×2LNG heavy-duty tractors in Tangshan, namely, the experience activity of stunt driving.

All the vehicles in this performance activity are Shacman M3000 LNG tractors. As the previous traditional impression, the power of LNG trucks is inferior than that of diesel fuel trucks, inadequate to perform stunt driving, however, all visitors have a new understanding, actually, LNG heavy trucks and diesel fuel powered ones are equally matched.

Shacman fully makes the leading 360-degree experience activity, promotional brand event for customers in the industry, emphasizing the clients’ experience in short distance from products, which offer them the chance to feel the performance of Shacman products. Such activity enhances the brand popularity locally and lays solid foundation for the relevant marketing.


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