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SHACMAN New M3000LNG Tractors Launch in Xingtai, Hebei 18 August 2014, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd (Foreign brand: SHACMAN) held the launching conference of New M3000 LNG tractors in Hebei.

Around 200 customers tested New M3000 with stock of goods. As the traditional impression, the power of LNG autos are far from that of diesel fuel vehicles, however, the visitors have new ideas of SHACMAN LNG heavy trucks, more freight capacity, faster and more comfortable, not worse than that of the automobiles with diesel fuel.
The market officials of Shijiazhuang branch office explained the performance of new trucks, economy, safety, comforts and environment production all are involved in details.

After the conference, the branch office of SHACMAN signed the first order of 50 units of New M3000 LNG tractors. It is believed that the sales objective of 96,500 units of LNG tractors will be realized as soon as possible by the branch office in Shijiazhuang.


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