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Dayun N6 Dump Trucks Equipped with WP Engines Since the launching in the market, Dayun N6 series 6×2 dump trucks are well sold for lightweight, strong carrying capability and high cost performance.

As for both market demand and competition, Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd made the related development and replaced with Weichai WP6.200E40 engines (China Emission Ⅳ), which are advantageous in low rotation speed, big torque, lower fuel consumption. With the effort for several months, this builder completed the announcement to declare of this model upon fuel consumption. In addition, the relevant vehicle tests came to the end successfully and proceeded into output and sales in mass production.

This model is improved and optimized in speed ratio of rear axles in terms of the feature of WP6.200E40 engines, further increasing economy and reducing the comprehensive fuel consumption, based on the unchanged gradeability during the development and the research.


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