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The First JAC Diesel Fork Trucks (Euro Ⅲ) Launch the Market JAC Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. developed the diesel fork trucks (Euro Ⅲ) recently to further open the overseas market.

Based on the all-around market research, the builder selects 5-7t diesel fork trucks for the development, which equipped with engines (Euro Ⅲ). New model is improved in power matching of 5-8t trucks so that it is ensured to the generality of the most components, saving costs and development term; fitted with new engines, powerful and environmental. As for the transmissions, new gearboxes work more effectively and steadily. As well, optimization is made in electrical systems as well as hydraulic pressure systems, safer, quieter, more efficient and easier to steer. Water tank design greatly enhances the heat dispersion of the whole vehicles.

The first 7t diesel fork trucks (Euro Ⅲ) have stepped out of the development stage, ready for the launching into the market. Such development will diversify the product line of JAC fork trucks.


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