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100 units of XCMG Mining Trucks Export to Thailand in Service In short a half of one year, there have been 100 units of XCMG mining trucks delivered to Thailand and another 30 units to be shipped in the future two months.

This order refers to 55-ton NXG5550DT and 65-ton NXG5650DT trucks and the former are specially designed for this segment market. Thailand is the second country in ASEAN for the exporting of NXG5650DT trucks, second to Malaysia.

When seeing XCMG trucks performing well and efficiently on the site, one Thailand customer excitedly reviewed, “That’s what we expect and we believe in XCMG.”

According to the local demand, XCMG makes big technical improvements in product structure design as well as craftwork details, so that these two models both combine the good heritance of the traditional engineering mechanic products and the extension of modern commercial vehicles, superior in manufacturing level of this builder and high cost performance. In particular, some individual design for Thailand market becomes the crucial factor to convince the local clients.


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