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Dayun N6 Dump Trucks Equipped with Weichai Engines (China Ⅴ) Since foundation, Dayun always persists in market demand orientation and product development concepts scarifying customers, constantly conducting innovation as well as improvements.

Waves of sales tide of Dayun N6 6×2 dump trucks blow Yuncheng region, powered by lightweight, high cost performance and strong transportation capability. N6 6×2 dump trucks are developed to be equipped with Weichai gas engines (China Ⅴ), which fueling LNG, of small emission pollution and high profitability in order to further increase product competitiveness and market impact, as well, reducing operation costs, bearing capability based.

By far, this model has completely experienced test-assembly, debugging and announcement through several months, making a new recode in China for the installation of LNG engines on such small dump trucks. In this September, the comprehensive tests indicate that the new LNG model actually takes gas of 20Kg per hundred kilometers, around 88 Yuan saved than a diesel fueled model with Weichai engine (China Ⅳ) ,if the similar gross weight provided. So that daily operating costs saves more than 400 Yuan when 500 km one day counted and even annual saving adding up to around 100,000 Yuan.


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