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Dayun N8E Concrete Mixer Trucks Drive Innovation In the same conditions, the center of gravity of a mixer truck is far higher than that of a dump truck, therefore, the relevant steadiness shows inferior comparatively. The key point of the improvement is the reducing of the gross weight and gravity center. Based on such demand, Dayun N8E concrete mixer trucks are designed, newly developed and lightweight.

In the respect of technology improvement, N8E trucks apply integration design from driving systems, suspension systems to body frame, 80mm down in the center of gravity compared with the fundamental models to better enhance safety. As well, the chassis weight reduces to 9636kg, 1650kg lighter so that the gross weight is no heavier than 15t, 3000kg decreased as the estimation. As for the standard configuration, tanks are equipped, of 10 cubic meters, no heavier than 40t, suitable for suburban or highway (over Grade Two) operation.

Highly intensified lightweight steel wheels, tubeless tyres, disk brakes are configured, moreover, HD traveling data recorders and blinding area monitoring systems greatly increase operation of vehicles, as standard equipped. As for power, diesel fuel and gas powered models are optional for good adaptability.


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