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FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Sets up Platforms in Full Series for China V As the FAW Annual Science and Technology Innovation 2014 Prize unveiled, the project of the development of CA4/6DLD diesel fuel engines by FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Works was rated as the Second Prize. Other two projects were recognized as the Third Prize, development of 4DW diesel engines (China Ⅳ) and 4DW91-56G2 diesel engines for forklifts for the same builder. 

It is learnt that the awarded projects of Wuxi Diesel integrate many technological creative results. Moreover, this builder further speeds up science and technology creation to adapt corporation prosperity as well as market competitiveness demand, inspired by five schemes for innovation completed, enhancing the capability of independent innovation, gaining more than 30 practical new patents.

Beneficial from innovative results, the builder constantly promotes new generation and upgrading of products in emission performance, establishing the platform of full series for China V Emission Standard. Five development projects for China V passed through the approval of the plant-level and another two models completed the trial production of sample machines. Diesel engines, CA6DL3 and CA6DM3, have passed the quality inspection of Q5, stepping into the second round phase of development. Rounds of reliability tests on gas engines in F,L,M and N series completed, ready for production and supplying of small batch. R&D of StageⅢA off-highway products in Platforms of W,X,F and L fully started, in particular, the successful development of 6DL2-24GG2 engines make the accessible of diesel engines in L series to off-highway vehicle market.  


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