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Sinotruk HOWO LNG Tractors Assist Green Logistics in Shenzhen Recently, some famous large logistic enterprise purchased 10 units of Sinotruk HOWO LNG tractors again in Shenzhen, adding up to 32 units of HOWO LNG vehicles for this using company by far. Among these vehicles, 20 units have been applied and this company will further walk the way of green logistics.

G.M of this logistics enterprise highly confirmed HOWO LNG products they have touched before and it is good reputation among their drivers that pushes their decision to purchase another 10 units. As he mentioned, the operation costs of a LNG trucks is more than 40% lower than that of a normal diesel fuel truck. Actually, the price of gas is comparatively lower than that of diesel fuel, making a sharp decline of the operation costs. Taking a units of HOWO LNG truck, around 50 Yuan RMB can be saved per one hundred kilometers.

As known, Sinotruk HOWO LNG tractors are equipped with German Man MT07 engines, applying technologies of lean burn as well as oxidation catalysis reprocessing, of good power and economy. Moreover, such model is competitive in engine sealing, light noise and complete fault diagnosis strategies, all focused by this builder.


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