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Sales of Dayun Grow Fast in the First Eleven Months in 2014, 30.51% averagely 30.51%, the monthly sales growth of Dayun averagely reaches this point in the first eleven months this year, and such growing trend remains in the contrast of overall decreasing of 18.35% of the heavy truck market, moreover, the accumulated sales reduce 0.93% in Jan.-Nov.2014. Confronting such depressing market, it is an encouraging achievement of such sales growing trend of Dayun at 47% up in 2013.

Newly launched N9, N8H and new N8E trucks in 2014 obtain comparatively high competitive advantages, of good market response. According to customers, Dayun heavy trucks run powerfully on the roads, supporting fasters speed than others even when climbing.

It is learnt that the sales network of Dayun have developed from quantity enlarging to quality improvements and service providers at Level-one increase from over 100 units in 2010 to almost 600 units by far, covering over 80% of the district-level areas nationwide, enabling the service range of no less than 60km averagely in semi diameter.


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