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Xugong Off-road Dump Truck Gets 50 units Overseas Order Due to the high products quality and good after sales service, Xu Gong off-road vehicles won the bid over many other manufacturers and got the order in the southeast Asian market for 50 off-road right hand dump trucks which worth 30 million RMB the other day.

The overseas market is extremely competitive, even though Xu Gong still got this large order. This happened for three main reasons. First, Xu Gong makes great efforts to explore the distribution channels based on its brand influence oversea. Secondly, Xu Gong constantly develops and extends their product line, focusing on the differences of needs from the oversea customers. The wide range of products strengths their competitiveness in the market. Thirdly, the set up of the service network and the investment for the vehicle parts contribute to the after sale service and the supply of vehicle parts. Over 300 of its off-road vehicles entering service in the southeast Asian market, now Xu Gong takes over 60% of the market. At present, Xu Gong is striving to develop new products of the off-road vehicles series in order to include the production of light tonnage, medium tonnage and high tonnage tramcar and establish the leadership of Xu Gong in this industry.



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