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SAIC Iveco Hongyan Attends Solid Waste Cleaning Equipment Expo From 9 to 11 in April 2014, the Seventh Shanghai International Solid Waste Cleaning Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The exhibition brought together more than 40 well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors, showing special vehicles, equipment & facilities, and new technologies, of solid waste collection, transportation and transit.

As one of the companies promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency and emission reduction, SAIC Iveco Hongyan brought Hongyan Jieshi 8×4 compartment removable garbage truck and Hongyan Jieshi 6×4 slag truck to the exhibition. Its compartment removeable garbage trucks, with pleasing appearance, good airtight performance, advanced functions and high operating efficiency, have entered Shanghai sanitation vehicle market. The live demonstration of the advanced technology and convenient operation of Hongyan Jieshi 6×4 slag truck was well reviewed by leaders of Shanghai Slag Truck Associations, becoming one of the highlights of this exhibition.


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