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Yuchai Heavy Industry Overseas Sales Increased by 12% In the first quarter of 2014, sales of Yuchai Heavy Industry experienced stable recovery in both domestic and abroad markets.

For the overseas market, Yuchai Heavy Industry enhanced risk control, adjusted sales strategy and invited overseas distributors to visit the company to increase their confidence. The company enhanced its services in overseas markets, sending personnel to Brazil, Ecuador and other countries to provide training and service support for overseas distributors. While consolidating its position in European Market, Yuchai Heavy Industry also explored Asia-Pacific and African markets, sales achieving 12% in the first quarter, marking a good start for the year.

In the domestic market, by holing exhibitions in Changchun Jilin, Lanzhou Gansu , Xiangxi Hunan, Chaohu Anhui, ect, Yuchai Heavy Industry significantly its sales in March.


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