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Shacman Tractors Hot Sales in Shanghai and Ningbo Shacman Auto started to release 360 brand experiences since this year and their sales of heavy trucks were rather hot in the first four months this year and they sold 35000 heavy trucks from Jan to April, ranking the first group
among China heavy trucks, and their sales of tractors ranked 16%, and sales of M3000 lightweight tractors are over 3000 units, creating a new record among China truck industry.

Shacman Shanghai and Ningbo office set over 140 sales promotion activities for 360 brand experiences, covering towns and villages, transporting sites, logistics distribution center, large building sites and ports to introduce the trucks to the customers directly and conduct testing driving and test riding activities. They have secured order for tractors nearly 4000 units, ranking the first ine the region and the first for market shares. Shacman D'long F3000, M3000 and X3000 are greatly praised by the clients.


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