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Cummins ISF Engine Promotion Events to Start in Chengdu Cummins ISF Light-duty Engine will hold "National 4 Expert 800,000 km without major overhaul" activity in Chengdu from May 20 to May 30, 2014. And the event is to promote Cummins light engine with national 4 emission
standards and award customers without overhaul for over 800,000 km.

Chengdu started to implement national 4 emission standard since July last year and no vehicle with national 3 emission standard can be purchased after July 1 last year. And Cummins ISF engine can meet national 4, national 5 and Euro 6 emissions which is overpassing current emission standards. And their ERG engine with national 4 emission standard is the most mature engine now in the market, featuring longer maintenance interval, more comfortable driving and riding experiences and lower fuel consumption, which makes the Cummins ISF engine leading in the markets.

Since launching for five years, Cummins engine with national 4 and national 5 and above engines have been sold to Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, Australia and Central and South America etc countries and areas. And global sales of Cummins ISF national 4 and above engine have amounted to 100,000 units till the end of 2013. During 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic, Russian buses with ISF engine served the athletes well and American Secretary of State Kerry visited Foton Cummins factory and praised the great cooperation of the two leading auto companies.


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