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Changan School Buses Escort for Good Safety Changan Bus strictly implements the national safety standard on the development and the manufacturing management of school buses, even referring to safety belts, chairs, flame-retardant interior decoration, warning lights, emergency doors and windows, evacuation passages and medical kit for emergency. This school bus builder successfully gets through the national inspection tests of rollover, top pressure and overturning to efficiently ensure passengers’ escape and rescue in certain space, which is the earliest producer with development and promotion of school buses in China.

Changan Bus launches Ansing Smart Operation Management System, integrating technologies of IOV (internet of vehicles), CAN, radio frequency and GPS. This system offers functions of fault warning, vehicle positioning, monitoring of drivers’ operation, remote failure diagnosis, collision warning and fleet management, facilitating “seamless management” of Changan Bus on school buses and eliminating the hidden dangers.

In addition, Changan school buses are highly appraised for good safety & quality and awarded a series of honorable titles such as “Recommended Special School Buses 2014” and “Best School Bus in Chinese Market”.


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