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The First North RV Benz Caravans Delivered to Customers Currently, Benz recreational vehicles were formally delivered, opening China high-end caravan market. North RV Benz series caravans are produced by Beijing North RV Co., Ltd (North RV for short), the subsidiary corporation of CNIGC Beijing North Vehicle Group Corporation, involving three series in the first batch: “Sliver Dream”-700S, “Seeking Dream”-N750 and “Seeking Dream”-N600.

As known, the recreational vehicles project started since the negotiation with Daimler AG in 2010 and the first ones off the production line until the last year, equipped with the independently developed chassis by North RV. The mass production and the market launching activates this year. According to Feng Bin, CEO of Beijing Shanshan RV Company, the output capacity reaches 1000 units annually, which is authorized as the general distributor in China. Moreover, the supply is not adequate to the demand, especially, many customers ordered when seeing the caravans on the auto exhibitions. The company is speeding up the delivery of vehicles.

Note: CNIGC is the abbreviation of China North Industries Group Corporation, Norinco Group.


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