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CAMC Obtains Big Order of 50 Tractors from Nanjing 18 June, promotion event of CAMC tractors for ports, namely, delivery ceremony was solemnly held in eastern Leisure Village in Nanjing, which attracted over 100 visitors from transportation companies. Eight logistics corporations signed purchasing contracts for the orders of 50 units, such as Nanjing Fendou, Chenjin and Jinling Jiaoyun.

Xia Hong, chief director of marketing of Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd.( CAMC for short) introduced the corporate history and product achievements, especially, the independently developed engines, which are high-end big power engines with integrated world advanced technologies, capable of energy conservation, environment protection and great power, based on the cooperation with the international top research and development institutions. Along with CAMC automobiles at various types, these engines launched the market nationwide for trail and stepped into batch production, which bring brilliance to the vehicles. Therefore, they strongly recommended customers to select their vehicles equipped with optional own-brand engines. \

This event contains contract signing ceremony and delivery ceremony. Zhang Yunzhu, general manager of Nanjing Hualing Automobile Sales Company signed the contract with principals of Nanjing Sifang Logistics Corp. and Nanjing Tianren Logistics Company on the scene. The delegates from logistics companies such as Wufan, Zhitong, Gaoping, Xindongping and Tianhande received golden keys from Hualing Xingma Automobile. The invited customers shared the experience of CAMC tractors with the participants. According to the local road transport association and clients, CAMC automobiles are considered to be the top choice for advancement, safety, economy, quality and service.

Note: CAMC represents Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. and is the abbreviation of China, Anhui, Ma An Shan and Cars.


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