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FAW High-Powered Top Towing Tractors Launch in Fuyang in Anhui On 8th March 2015, FAW Liuzhou Special Vehicle Company grandly held the launching ceremony of FAW high-powered and high top towing tractors with Anhui Fuyang FAW Xinye Auto Trade Company in Fuyang, where 18 units have been sold in just a half of hour.

FAW high-powered towing tractors further are improved in adaptability for safety, high efficiency, environment protection and energy conservation, featured with security, economy and comforts.

As for the flip front assembly, the frame structure combined with covering supports the high safety and reliability, normal plate thickness of 1.2mm, some even up to 2.0mm; long-head streamlined design effectively reduces the wind resistance, energy saving of 10-12%, light weight and more loading capacity; engines (9L,11L series ) produced by FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant, highly powered and fuel saving; newly high-top double sleeping cabs are equipped for the working conditions of a long distance transportation.


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