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JMC Vehicles Show at China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition On 19th-22nd Mar. 2015, the 10th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition 2015 will be held, themed by “Finding the World of RV”, on which a great gathering both domestic and international brand will be showed then. Known from the organizing committee, the related investment attraction is conducting in order, over a hundred of builders and accessory suppliers to be involved.

JMC Coaster recreational vehicles and commercial limos will be exhibited then. The former model is equipped with the special Coaster chassis for RV (China Ⅳ), of the engine displacement of 2.8L, power rate up to 80kw/108 hp, with the maximum torque of 285N.m, the size of 5990×2050×2630 and the axle distance of 3300m, available for C1 driving licenses and 4-6 people. The latter model is provided with the chassis inheriting the masculine style, elegance and maturation and applies with ergonomic design, of reasonable interior space layout for high comforts.


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