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Wuxi Diesel Engine Gets Big Orders in Succession Since this year, Wuxi Diesel Engine Works obtains hot sales through complete product lines and creative service mode in the segment markets of agricultural machinery and equipments and tractors. In this March, the builder got the order of 130 units equipped with 6DF engines.

In the early phase, the harvesting machines provided with 6DF engines performed well in the operation test for 1000 hours, which are popular by customers, laying the foundation of another cooperation. Experiencing optimized improvements by technicians, 6DF engines are more competitive in power compared with the product of the same type.

Since the access to the market, off-highway tractors are sold well for higher economy, safety and reliability. In Mar.2015, the sales volume is likely to reach 1000 units. Regarding the service, the special service network has been smoothed and 580 stations are ready for the service of off-highway products.


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