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Gas Engines of Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant Show in Chongqing 2015 Chongqing International Energy-saving and Environmental Energy Exhibition was held recently and four models of gas engines (China V) were exhibited, which are produced by FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant, also the only power suppler on this expo. 6SF2, 6SL2, 6SM2 and 6SN1 engines are highly spoken in uniform in the industry.

These shown engines feature with the advantages of the professional technologies on gas vehicles, worry-free and energy conservation. Firstly, the core technologies are reflected on special gas cylinder covers, air doors, races, panel assembly and plunger panels. In the meantime, the special devices ensure gas reducing, costs reducing and releasing drivers' concerns, such as moving components, ignition systems, valves sensors, gas supplying systems, road marks and special economic design. Additionally, this producer makes efforts in after-sales service, contributing to the special service for the gas engine products.


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