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50 units of CAMC H6 Port Tractors Purchased in Tianjin It is reported on 9th May 2015, 50 units of CAMC H6 tractors with Hanma engines are reached between the dealer of the builder in Tianjin and Tianjin Fangjin Logistics Company and the reliable quality of CAMC products is proved once more.

CAMC port tractors are specially developed and produced in terms of the special operation areas and working conditions in ports and have launched in the market in Tianjin equipped with Hanma engines since the previous year, fast accepted in the market due to fuel saving high attendance rate and timely service. This year, orders increasingly increase further.

According to Mr. Zhang, manager of this purchasing company, they have bought over 20 units of CAMC trucks, which remain the normal operation conditions always except some regular maintenance. Driven by their developments, they chose this brand again and the order of 50 units of tractors was made.


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