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15 CAMC H6 Tractors to be Delivered in Ningbo 15 units of CAMC H6 trucks have been purchased at one time by Ningbo Port Container Transport Company recently and this is the first access of CAMC tractors to the port business system as it is learnt. In order to make vehicles better known, the sales delegates in Jiangsu and Zhejiang invited the representatives from this buying company, six in total, to visit the plant of the builder. Clients have more direct learning of the world leading production lines through whole-process and zero-distance visiting, confirming and approving CAMC trucks.

Ge Xiaosheng, assistant to general manager of the builder, accompanied these visitors to observe four manufacturing lines and the branch company of engines. He said, "By far, we are able to fully realize the distribution of the single unit and it is felt that the plant is clean where no bolts or nuts have been seen. Moreover, each of our components is attached with QR code. Such action we made firstly among the domestic heavy truck builders, also the only producer reaching the standard of refine manufacturing. So that the sources of parts can be tracked rather soon when refers to the after sales service. Adherence to the integration strategy, all key components and service can be ensured to release customers' concern."

As known, these trucks have been undertaken by the local dealer, Ningbo Huineng Company. In connection with the office of CAMC, both parties speed up quickly since receiving this order, to deliver trucks in the end of this month, which satisfy customers based on the full preparations of materials supplying, manufacturing, training, delivery and after-sales service.



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