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Yuchai Successfully Rolls Out China’s First Opposed-Piston Diesel Engine On July 28, China’s first opposed-piston diesel engine independently developed by Yuchai was successfully launched at the headquarters of Yuchai. Yan Ping, president of Yuchai and a number of distinguished guests all witnessed the historical moment.

Different from the traditional diesel engine, Yuchai’s opposed-piston diesel engine puts its cylinder and cylinder head horizontally opposed to each other. By taking advantage of a host of state-of-art technologies, it easily solves a number of problems commonly seen with its predecessors. The release of the new engine ushers a brand new era for Yuchai, fully demonstrating its superior strengths in the independent development of engines.

Currently, Yuchai is keeping in pace with its international counterparts in diesel engine development. In 2011, it successfully rolled out a diesel engine which meets Euro VI emission standards. Moreover, it gives birth to some technologically advanced products, which have all reaped enormous economic and social benefits.

These high-end 6x4 tractors adopt cataphoresis process on frames, capable of strong rust protection in terms of the local climate and road operation features such as long rainy season ,ponding areas and heavy grade in the Philippines.

The successful launching represents another standing point of this builder in the Southeast Asia market, including Vietnam, South Korea and Burma. In future, C&C Trucks will extend the overseas market in the world based on Southeast Asia with increasing varieties as well as all-around service.


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