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SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Genlvon Trucks Export to Africa SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Genlvon trucks in 682 series have been successfully exported to countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia, which all are marked with IVECO and sold by the local dealers, regarded as a part of the global market sales strategy. Recently, newly developed 6x4 trucks in 682 series for the African market are equipped with flattop cabs with sleepers, of big approach angles.

Different from China, 6x4 trucks are more popular in African countries. Due to non-pavement roads in many African countries, the exported 682 trucks are provided with wheel redactors with Styer technologies, which have been applied in engineering vehicles in big quantities, featured with mature technologies, simple structures and easy maintenance.

8.7L C9 engines fitted with the exported trucks in 682 series in Africa have been used in Genlvon vehicles for many years, as well as, equipped with Stralis tractors, available for Europe 3 to 6. In this region, there is no strict emission standard so that the models with Euro 3 are selected for the local diesel fuel quality. In addition, Fast 12-shift manual transmissions involved own a rather high market shares in the Chinese market. 

Based on the joint efforts of SAIC-IVECO Hongyan and IVECO, the newly exporting models will be increasingly sold by the former party through the global sales network by the latter.


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