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FAWDE Gains the Tender for 327 units of Logistics Vans In late July this year, the Auto Modification Dept. of FAW Jiefang Automotive Co.,Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Works (FAWDE for short) participated into the public tender by Shanghai Yuancheng Logistics Company for cargo trucks, with the hands of Sales Company of FAW and Shanghai Luyi Auto Sales Service Company. Moreover, it gained a complete victory for the order of all 327 units.

FAWDE vans are highly reputed for reliable quality and strong brand influence, favored by the using company. This order is another big one at this model for the builder, second to the mass production orders from DEPPON, TNT Hoau and ZTO. Several big logistic enterprises select FAWDE vans, marking these vehicles gradually present the high-end standard of vans in this industry.


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